Thursday, January 10, 2008


Just another day, I decide the weather man doesn't know what he is talking about, he has lied to me before, so I take the motorcycle out to ride to work. I have the rain jacket on, and leave off the pants. Ah, a mile from home the skies beat water upon fools, and I am, wet from jacket to toes and heels. Ah, the ride is great, in the dark and the totally wet, large puddles hiding pot holes, and adventure with the four wheeled folks on cell phones or with attitudes. It is never bad enough to stop and go home and more adventure waits just around the next corner, lay it over and roll on the throttle. One wet puppy reports into the depot after parking the bike, well, a damp ol' hound. I will dry out, and I notice the tide is especially high this morning as we load the ferries, I opt for sitting in front of the heater and steaming a bit. Inside the library I call Tacoma Public Library and find I have an interview for a position. I have one inmate with flu and one having interviews for housing in another state, our prison population overflows so we rent services and space. We knock out overdue notices, restrict patrons with over three weeks worth, do ILLs and fix the almost brand new Book Return box. The patrons are noisier than usual, the Sound is cold and wet, ravens pretend they can soar like the eagles and seagulls, but they can't. My boss is watching as she works and tells me a couple of things to correct, we have lunch together and I talk about other things and the Spanish collection and how the Germans do so well in a country we (and our allies) destroyed so well in the War. Finally it is time to go home, the library has been well used. I think, since the rains have almost stopped that I might get home without getting soaked, but then realize it is waiting for me. I get on the ferry and take a seat and plan the return home. Suddenly, after riding these boats for almost nine and a half years, someone spots an Orca in the water (WOW!!!) the normal tourist attraction pods are up North above Seattle and below Vancouver, BC. This is too cool and getting a glimpse of the large fin coming up and cutting back down is great, something to write home about. Then we get cast off and start across the water and the rains start to come down harder, yep. It was waiting for me, I get dressed in rain gear in the depot and ride home, much better prepared for the water and only my boots and socks will be soaked, since I have a hot dinner with a spicy noodle soup waiting my day is perfect. Tomorrow the minivan, the weather man says it will get drier after the Seahawks play Greenbay Saturday, but he has been wrong before.

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Breda said...

Orca! Wow, indeed!