Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back on to my hamster wheel!

I only took five days off in vacation, ABC World News reports that 468 million days of American's vacation aren't taken each year - fear of being found un-essential? Perhaps.

I looked forward to opening the library and getting things straight. New books and supplies had come in, there were two large book return bins to empty and check in and shelve. Six pages of emails to go through, the Valentine's Day foolishness was amazing viewed in one day with the real work wrapped around it.

Seems my boss fired one of my workers - he left and she just wanted to beat someone up. Down to two untrained and one brown guy she endured. I do remember that I was the last staff to chase off two workers - I must be too demanding and pride does get in the way, doesn't it?

But the library was open, I have started on some of the piles of stuff not done and the day was great for motorcycle riding, although I had the minivan. Tomorrow more hard work, some coordination with my boss and find out what she wants done next, but the library will be open and it will be functioning on three inmate library clerks until the latest ripple in my harmony with the Universe is corrected and smoothed out again. Focus on the positive, there are staff from the Western facilities working in the Eastern facilities because we haven't hired enough replacements and the pace is grueling and the rewards for doing a good job are only internal. The bigger Washington State Library is focused on the Legislative session, but not for the Institutional Library Services. The forgotten few, I keep thinking of those Foreign Legion outposts in desert Africa - no one knew their names.

My cold and sinus problem calls for some more liquid and lots of sleep and it is only six and a half hours until I have to wake for the next work day .... spin that wheel a little faster will you?

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