Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Help wanted!

Needed two library clerks, seems that I ran the other two off, I was too demanding? I just walk around saying "work harder, work faster" and they were driven off. Sad, I thought one of them was going to be really good, but he seemed to shatter under the interruptions of his harmonic motions.

So I put out a call with the job center and seven men showed up for testing, and four were satisfactory for the two positions. Three of the four had real problems with the Dewey system, don't I love a challenge? Then I have to pause and contemplate and review their interviews, and pause and contemplate. While I did that I had them all shelving books - and shelf reading, which we really needed, and I contemplated and got a telephone call from the Public Library asking if I could be available for a second job interview next week. No, I am visiting my mother on her birthday, so the suggestion was a telephone interview on Thursday or Friday. I said okay, just call and I will answer. I wonder why they would want someone like me, and then I really wonder if they don't know the other people would be better than I -- there is a reason that I do well on a prison island, in the library helping patrons with their needs.

I made a choice - picking the most educated and difficult to work with, and the least educated and almost slow to understand but very willing to work. After making my choices, notifying and talking and working the remainder of the day I think I should have taken one of the other applicants - since his testing and interview weren't the best but I liked watching him work with others and solving problems - the fellow with all the education is already trying to influence the environment, me and the crew - and I only want him to shelve and shelf read right now. Well, I do know the names of the two also rans, and the one that impressed me with his work, and I did some talking to him about how he could have done better in the testing and interview - you only get one first impression, but after that you build a reputation.

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