Monday, March 10, 2008

Time to see the expert on getting put into a box...

I like to think I am unique, one of a kind, and original -- but the doctor wants me to fit into a 'best health' box, with my blood pressure at a certain constant level, cholesterol at the best level and weight to height ratio with little fat fooling me. I don't fit, but then am not really fit yet again - hibernation does really happen, I should be a snowbird and go south for Sun or at least up on the mountains - it is too gray and dark in my days in the Great Northwest. I weigh 205.5 pounds this morning, and am starving since last I ate was six last evening. My blood pressure is 137/80 with the heart rate of 46. Dreams were my normal military tom-foolery, with long runs and bad plumbing. I did concentrate on running strides yesterday and made myself happy actually doing the distance a bit faster and thinking I looked graceful - although I still looked like an old man trying to relearn the joy of running.

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