Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boy's Night In...

Ah, my wife is gone, off to middle of the week church, so what am I to do with the time -- I read a blog from Iraq about boredom, leave a promising comment but I don't want to suffer that. So I take the motorcycle out for a spin to see if any gun shops stay open after six, or is it only Big Kmart and Walleyed World if one wants to be seen on camera buying a gun... I have enough guns, but why do they close so early? The ride is nice, I will go to work on the motorcycle tomorrow, smiling.

Back home I drag out the pistols and stuff, I wanted a shoulder holster, and will likely still get one, one day, but I need to check what I have for utility. NRA sent me a 5.11 vest that can be used for concealed carry - with an embroidered NRA on it (I hate wearing advertising) but the stuff has a velcro holster that fits my short pistol well and only I and everyone that is really looking would know I was armed. I also have an inside the pants with belt clip that works and I try it out - better lose those fifteen pounds to make it fit best. I am happier about my preparedness for wearing a pistol concealed - heavy dark trench coat and wide brimmed hat and shadows in my future life as the anti-super hero. Okay, just kidding.

I start cleaning pistols and love the oil and the clean and the functioning after reassembly - where can I shoot this late at night? No where around here for the now and the darkness. The weekend is only a couple days away and I have miles to go and promises to keep.

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