Thursday, May 1, 2008

I stopped by for a look...

McCann Industries makes a Puffin Magnum, that fine looking knife in the picture, and I saw that they were just down the road from me and I went looking for them. Look, McCann Guns is right beside the church I frequent. This is cool, and tells me that for fourteen years I just don't pay attention.

I go inside and get to handle and examine at three fine knives, and prove I am neither an expert, impressive nor more than the old man with a tie that I see in the mirror. Words that stuck with me were "That is cutlery not a pry bar.""I cut down the traffic by only working on NRA members." "Made in America costs, but the quality." "If you are worried about slippery handles put skateboarding tape on it." The last made me laugh, my son and his grip tape from his skateboarding would love to know that it is recommended for improving knife retention in wet sticky situations.

Well, I left promising to visit another day, I have a fighting carry knife I would like made - don't need one but gosh the economy is going to crash if I don't buy something American that is really worthy. I liked the above knife for general purpose camp and kitchen - but I do lust after the Fighter. The truth about me is that I can lust after long legged redheads but never do more than wish I were braver and would talk to them - I know I am over my limit on fighting knives now. But if I were a younger person that needed a fighting knife this is the place I would check into first. I was amazed that he doesn't get more work from Fort Lewis, but if I didn't know he was there for fourteen years who else would either. And contrary to some thoughts, I don't use knives as pry bars, ever.

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