Sunday, December 27, 2009

What kind of a guy are you? don't ask me...

William Earl Dungey

You too, could use too, too often, but the remainder of the words are pleasing, maybe I use than too much also.

William just discovered his Top Words (according to a computer, you know)

1):good - used 16 times
2):work - used 15 times
3):more - used 14 times
4):better - used 13 times
5):wife - used 12 times
6):life - used 11 times
7):today - used 10 times
8):than - used 10 times
9):mother - used 10 times
10):too - used 10 times

Yeah, it was interesting, FaceBook, of course. I did go to church, sang as best I could - no one left when I did, had coffee with my friend and went and shot three of the four rifles I had with me at the range on post. The fourth rifle was already sighted in and the other three had adjustments to be made after I had adjusted the sights for one reason or another. Answered email and added my opinion to the world of shooting mats (everyone needs an excess opinion, I have lots to share on almost everything).

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Old NFO said...

Looks on the bright side Earl, you are consistent... :-)