Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gray cold wet Winter got you down?

I am not really responsible for the beauty before you, I just opened the shutter, took the picture, cropped it, colored it and posted it. Still need nails, wood boards and a real reason to continue to build my stable on FarmVille, no time, must address real life this morning.

I got a cake, card and steak dinner out with my former girl friend (now my wife) and enjoyed my first evening of under employment terrifically - don't worry Obama, I will make sure I am counted in the Census and the Unemployment figures, just so you know. Now to look as good as my wife's indoor garden delights I have to exercise and sweat, why don't plants get fat? Life isn't fair, it is just awesome.

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Jeffro said...

Life isn't fair, it is just awesome.

Great line! So true.