Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wishlists, while jogging wish harder...

I was looking around and thinking of stuff I need, for various things I want to do - I want my sister to get a motorcycle and ride to Tennessee with me (her idea, but it is so right it got added to my list). I need a windshield for the Trusty Triumph, so I go shopping on line, I think I need a laptop with wireless access to keep contact with the Internet - I went through cigarette withdraw problems (nothing I needed medicine for, just getting rid of eight years of wasted Earl trying to be cool) no need to agonize over where the next chance to get on the internet is going to happen. I would tell you about my son's experience trying to contact someone special in Hawaii with lack of cell phone coverage and no internet cafes to visit while he and I were road tripping Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota - by the time we found Minnesota he was back in touch - but he wasn't happy about how primitive the Wild West was in June of 2004.

Of course, I must really only look hard at needs, it is true that after retirement the consumption drops off quickly. Although American Rifleman covered a fine long distance shooting tool made by Savage (I have told you that my Savage target rifle is excellent - single shot 22LR and all) I need one: Long Range Rifle well, that goes on the wishlist for after I win the Lotto, which is right on schedule for the day after I die and get to Heaven. Isn't everything a government conspiracy? Or shouldn't it be?

You know, at a hundred dollars for twenty rounds of ammunition, that would be the perfect rifle to take to the Boomershoot, but Deadmen don't really get to shoot there and I win the Lotto only after I get to Heaven. Running around the internet looking for dead snipers I found lovely things done by people that probably don't yodel, but their stereotype says they should. Thank you Stephen P. Halbrook, I will have to reserve judgment on Attorneys now.

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