Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Keegan William

Yes, only a year but your growth is better than the stock markets during the same period, it isn't anywhere near the growth of the National Debt, but they are planning on using your hard work, great ideas and industry and energy to pay it down, or pretend to -- they really don't want the debt paid off. Still you do look better, healthier and with much more promise in your future than any of the current serving politicians that are making a mess of things for all the best reasons. They will allow you to vote at eighteen, serve in Congress a bit later, but allow you to with parental permission serve in the armed forces. Get a good education, the best your mind can find, it won't be on the television set, seems that is geared to advertising to separate you from your money for the benefit of the sponsors - to include the news, the public broadcasting and the non-profit organizations and certainly CSPAN. Yeah, this first year is a "gimme" eat, sleep, grow and poop, you get the best of life and no control outside of your wonderful mother and almost patient father. You may never be loved so unconditionally again in your life, but then again you love more and it will be returned you are going to have to work on sharing cookies with your grandfather. Take care out there, birthday boy.

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threecollie said...

Happy Birthday to him!