Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shoot Boss's IAAR finished.....

Shoot Boss Earl
Red Hat Reformed Redneck
Red Hat tdow
Red Hat Western Rose
IIT4 actineon
IIT3 TruTenacity
IIT3 GunslingerGirl
IIT2 patronus of licentia
IIT2 Evenstar
IIT3 Still Learnin'

Ten shooters, eleven preregistered, four no shows, three walk ons (1 only one day)

Redcoats Sat AM 400-1, 300-1, 200-2, 100-3. HS-3
Sat PM 400-3, 300-1, 200-1, 100-4, HS-3
Sun AM 400-0, 300-1, 200-3, 100-2, HS-2
Sun PM 400-2, 300-3, 200-0, 100-1, HS-3

AQTs Sat 2 1 Rifleman Seth
Sun 8 3 Riflemen Bob, Bake, Emily, Seth
and repeating Rifleman scores.
Many others were getting closer but time, ammunition and rifles were limiting a bit.

Good things:
Lots of talented eager and capable instructors, SB had little to do, everyone could cover it all and did.
Nice support from LCWR crew (host range) and return of SB's Leather Sling book by borrower from last year's Appleseed. They provided a free hot dog and chips lunch both days - which was nice.
covered all the instruction of the first day, all three strikes and all drills, and still got two AQTs shot. One Rifleman and a couple close.
Instructors stayed on message, and constantly encouraged and motivated the shooters
Instructor's dinner at the Pizza Hut in Lewiston -- it was on Earl's POI in BOLD LETTERS!
Sales separate from Registration, well organized, nice to have GI webslings, ovals, and such on hand
Donations from a shooter that thinks bailing is a good thing to keep from sinking.
Some Instructors did get to shoot a little because there was space, time and lots of help.

Things to work on:
Continue to trim all the instruction to the basic key words and meaning, use the time on the targets and prep time to expand a shooter's knowledge in a one on one.
Don't go up the AQT (shooting stage four first) a bit confusing and too long on the prone that way.
Use the words "Dry Practice" instead of "Dry Fire" while the shooters are in preparation time
Make sure the dates scheduled aren't on HOLIDAYs (this is twice at Lewiston, ID)
Increase the advertisement (there may be a slowing in the economy and shooting desires but talk the shoots up everywhere - preaching to the choir doesn't grow a congregation - go out among the non-shooters).
Red Hats need a bit more encouragement to watch the Shoot Boss and ask about how to do stuff and whys, and prepare for becoming a Shoot Boss.... of course I am always happier as an Instructor than as a Shoot Boss - but I know that both have their rewards and challenges and we need more of both to continue to grow and have great weekend Appleseeds.

The shoot was the smoothest I have done as Shoot Boss in a long time - because of great crew and fewer shooters and the ability to just wander around while everyone else did it all. I could be spoiled if I kept doing it that way, more likely that there will never be enough instructors and always more shooters - so keep studying, preparing, adapting and getting it done.

Just re-read what I wrote and all of us, on the forum working the RWVA and Appleseeds think we are normal, but all our families, non-shooting friends and strangers wonder a bit about our passion. We are a little bit different, hmm, how to become the norm - that is where we want to go. If Lexington with 700 plus people and 400 plus dairy cows, could produce a hundred and seventy men which would stand up for their community -- and they were only the norm, how did we get so off the track? Would today's Lexington produce anyone that would stand up to be counted?

Public AAR

I do know, that for me and my family, we will continue to work with and expand the message. Thank you all. Earl and Mrs Earl

Thank you Emily (LEFTEY!) for stepping up and becoming an IIT.

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Old NFO said...

Good for you and good for the Red Hats... and yes, revisions are necessary to clarify/condense sometimes.