Saturday, May 22, 2010

So before I go swimming.... -

Is it true that Mayor Daley doesn't know he shouldn't threaten members of the press with firearms used in strange psuedo-sexual fantasies? I heard it is on video, but the smartest man in Chicago couldn't be that weird could he? Well, I am sure the gun community is going to give him a pass on his bad judgement and not understanding any of the four rules of gun safety - because it was a member of the media he was threatening, and some fools among the gun community have been wanting to threaten the Main STREAM Media for a long time.

I don't think, really, that one should ever threaten anyone with a firearm - that is bad manners and so Hollywood (no bearing on reality). I also think that politicians in office that don't live by the Constitution of the United States, and their State should be brought up on charges of TREASON.

Now back to the beautiful Sun, blue sky and balmy breezes that make Hawai'i a great place for golf and conferences about very important issues. It should be perfect by the time NFO gets here.

Later addition: asphalt is hot, wear flip flops, the water is great - I like Aqua Sphere goggles, can see under water well, and the salt water doesn't bother my eyes. My son swam fifty minutes, but then he is young and working at it, I only did nineteen. But I wasn't going to try and get back home that way.

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Old NFO said...

Good pic of the son and grandson Earl, thanks for the weather update too! :-)