Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So how did you get home...

It is the end of civilization as I knew it. When I was young there were gun smiths but they aren't around much anymore. Of course, when I was young they still repaired television, stereos and radios - or you replaced your own burned out tubes. Yep, when this current suburban mall rat generation goes the way of the dinosaur only those third world folks will be doing okay. I have decided to repair my own Stevens rifle, it isn't that difficult to find the part that isn't there, is broken or needs help. I know that the lawyers not running for office will be waiting to sue me for any problems that arise, or the Federal or State government may want to certify something about the rifle. Just think of the Wright Brothers going to Kitty Hawk today to fly some uncertified, unregistered, and no proven ability to take off and land a powered aircraft - where was the FAA when one was really needed? Aren't you glad that Homeland Security has kept the terrorists, drug lords and wanna--bes out of our country? You could have a couple of murders or just plain old drive-bys in your neighborhood if they weren't doing such a fine job.

Yep, when I couldn't find someone to repair a flat tire on my motorcycle it took some time to gather the tools and manuals to do it myself, but I did and put it back together and rode again. My father and grandfather would have had it back on the road within an hour - me it took three weeks, I do have two BA degrees. Dad and grandfather went to the school of hard knocks. So I dropped my motorcycle off at the shop for new tires and a complete service inspection before I take off this Summer, and waited for my ride. I had left a note for someone that loved me to pick me up. After entertaining two children visiting the shop with their parents, the shop was getting ready to close and no ride. As they locked up the crew asked if I had a ride and I told them I did and thanked them.

I got to think about the movie I had seen this afternoon, ROBIN HOOD, and it was great until the French King tried to invade England (a reverse D-Day). They could have left that entire part out except for Robin's long shot with Long Bow (a wet one) to put an arrow into one bad Guy. It wasn't supposed to be perfect History, but then we aren't supposed to know the King of France didn't own all of the current France at that time - he could have ridden over a couple of hills and attacked nobles and castles that belonged to England's Norman noble houses. This Robin Hood ranks right up with one of my favorites "Robin and Marion" (Connery and Hepburn), yeah, except for that whole stupid French Invasion - do you suppose that the writers had no idea that France then wasn't the France of now?

Well, God really loves me and knows being fatter than Doctor Oz says isn't good for me. So after the Air Force Base closed its East Gate against terrorists and old men that want to cut across the runway if walking, I decided I would walk the only route she would drive if she were still coming to get me. Only eight miles and home before too dark, I had a reflector vest on. Glad that I can still do that. Yes, she read the note, had seen me wave at her, but she is going to Hawai'i and was waiting for me to come home and get the bags out of the rafters so she could pack. G'nite!

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Old NFO said...

Good exercise Earl, and time to think, right? Travel safe!