Sunday, June 6, 2010

D-Day 1944...

After a twenty-four hour weather delay

General Eisenhower orders the attack.

But you know that, the rest is History. If he had waited another month, it wouldn't have worked as well.

I got up early enough, felt like I should do more and put on the jogging shoes and took off on a short gentle jog through the lava beds, the King's Highway and the golf cart course...

I did stop and talk a bit with a walker viewing the ancient pictogryphs (always wonder if we are only looking at ancient graffiti) ah, he told me that he wasn't brave enough to jog through the lava fields. What he meant was his parents hadn't raised a fool. I jogged on far enough to prove my parents had, and tripped on a rock, fell and cut my knee, arm, scraped skin off my palm and remembered how brave I was. I changed to the golf cart track and bled slowly and wondered at the wonderful weather and what time the motorcycle rental would open, nine-thirty. Saw the younger portion of our party heading off to Starbucks for breakfast and returned to the condo for a shower, shave and bandages. This stuff never happens in books and on television does it?

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threecollie said...

Great shot of the little one...and I'll bet if the non-fool hadn't said anything, you wouldn't have tripped. Hope you are feeling better.