Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So what do you do until the cows come home...

Just fussing around, deleted pictures (they are saved elsewhere), deleted messages on Facebook, got hung up and frustrated on FarmVille (wonder why I keep returning), find on the Appleseed forum only sixteen members, and start to wonder if one day I will ever get on there alone - being a nightowl in strange time zones it could happen.

I open the curtains to look upon the quiet town of West Yellowstone, it had people and players all over it last evening, strolling cowboy dressed band and chorus, tourists that looked surprisingly just like us - didn't know that you had made the trip but it could have been your double. The town so quiet right now, five here, and soon those from other places will be stirring and readying for this day's adventure. I find my brother's laptop turned on earlier - another sound sleeper?

Right after I post this I had best check on the Park, and find out where we should go that I have to see. The bikes are waiting so patiently, wonder what they talked about last night, the Pacific Coast has seen many, many miles (over 180 thousand!) but the Trusty Triumph has dumped its owner more?

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Frank W. James said...

Ride SAFE.

All The Best,
Frank W. James