Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unexpected, surprise! hello???

I did fine on finding the home of my cousin, I have ridden the Trusty Triumph all over noting where he isn't. Then the address worked. I was sure I pushed the door bell a couple of times, waited and tried again, but nothing. The neighbors across the street were wondering. I didn't have his telephone number, so I left some email and went looking for coffee and breakfast - found same. Called my mother six times, one of her care givers picked up finally and I had a fine conversation with her.

Getting a little tired (I had a blueberry muffin and extra large coffee at Dunkin' Doughnuts) I rode around looking for the public library and only found a name brand outlet store complex slowly dying of customerlack. I parked the bike and lay down under a shade tree at the far end of the parking lot. One of those terrible homeless guys sleeping off his last bottle of whatever... sure enough after about three pretty good solid hours of midWestern Summer slumber I woke and saw the big burly secrurity guy approaching me. So I asked him where the public library was... trick question, what big burly security guy would even know? He said he wasn't from around here, must be in the real original town - the one the farms once surrounded but now upscale developments do - lovely communities by the way, almost all surrounding golf courses, wide quiet streets, new trees, still growing but no rifle ranges that I have seen, there are still a few good looking farms, but the construction of bigger roads, more empty shopping centers for the future all tell me that John Deere will only be for the lawn and garden soon. So I said I would look in the original town and see. Pretty nice for a security guard on a roust - maybe he knew I was very dangerous, or he hasn't allowed the badge and gear to go to his head, cool. The corn crops here look pretty good so far.

I did ride around and sure enough I found the famous little international sign for library in this direction, after three of them I find myself at a computer terminal with two and a half hours of free use. I am still fascinated by Libraries - this one has a bit more noise than the quiet, very quiet one at my aunt Velva's retirement home. This is the Huntley Public Library
full of a range of Summer patrons, old sun tanned and burned folks, young kids (yeah! bring them on!) and job seekers and questing minds on the hunt. Yes, lots of activity. Quietly the fans in the timbered ceiling spin moving air, stone fireplace on one end of the main room, full parking lot, and the thumping you hear is the sensitizing of the library material - or desensitizing, thump of the book hitting the bottom of the book bin. Got to know the sound of the staff working on the library.

I got messages! from people I thought I would have met this morning, from people along the road ahead, and from my nephew hoping I would do two of the classic motorcycle rides of North Carolina - one may only pass this way once - seize the opportunity. Thanks for trying to get me there, and I would write about it, at some public library one day - my battery in the laptop and the camera both need recharging, but I have a good cell phone - since I keep turning it off until it is time to call out, check missed calls or just learn a bit more about how to use one without it becoming a new chain.

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Old NFO said...

Glad the trip is still going well Earl! Keep updating us when you can.