Sunday, July 4, 2010

Earl slept here... new sign for Ramseur Range...

Okay, woke early and edited my POI to include the Known Distance shooting and instruction. Then went to breakfast at Hardees in Ramseur, bought some apples on the way back to the range. We started working on the instruction, then the North Carolina Shoot Bosses showed up for a Gun Show, walk through of many rifles we may not have met on the range yet, nice rifles, old bolts - one Israeli 98, in very good condition, so pretty. Then we started working on the new Shoot Boss In Training, program so all the shoot bosses are doing the same things. A very nice break for lunch, and the brownies were just perfect. The training and comments continued on, until five, then everyone broke for shooting a known distance AQT, and I was offered an M1 and ammunition again, but I was thinking about how lost I had been the last time in Winston-Salem, so I said good-bye and rode off. Seems they all knew me - the guy from Washington on his motorcycle.

Fred asked where I had slept last night, and when I told him in one of the new sheds on the shelf, he said it would have to have an engraved plate saying that Earl slept here. But that isn't really necessary, what I need is hot water cleaned up and to sleep after the fireworks, in just a little bit. Happy Fourth of July! American Independence Day!


Jeffro said...

Have a good 4th, Earl. Be safe on your travels.

And on this day I thank you for your service.

threecollie said...

Hope your 4th was excellent. And ditto what Jeff said.