Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally got it right....

Okay, seemed like any other day, except the clouds got darker, the air smelled of rain, and it was getting cooler. So I stopped and put my rain suit on, figuring if it didn't rain it would still be warmer than I had been without the suit. This is the first time I was ready for riding in some real rain, and Kansas didn't disappoint. The Trusty Triumph didn't mind it at all, the bugs were washed completely off the windshield and we roared on through the rain. My good luck wasn't to be forever, but it had been long enough.

I am in Denver, departing for the Great Northwest tomorrow - I must be homesick or driven. The lightning is crackling above my head and some fool with a loud bass passes by in competition, not a chance.

Later, I am reported missing, by text, found by Jamie on her doorstep. Invited in and shown the home with the two giant black cats looking me over. One seems crazy and one seems meanly untouchable, but they are a pair and it is their home not mine. I found a voice mail from my brother with his cell phone number, I listen twice, memorize it and call him, he organizes a joint expedition to dine, I like Mexican and they do have a favorite place. The waiter keeps wanting to give me tequilla but I only want black coffee. No one in the country lives on it like we do in the Great Northwest (homesick blues). The food is fine, we discuss demolition derbies - Jamie's family is into them as a pit crew and drivers. I borrow Barbara's something that looks like a shrunken computer to call my wife for our nightly digital date - I was warned not to touch the screen with my ear since it would turn it off (my BIG ear?).

I have lost a couple of time zones on the zooming West, the faster I go the more disorientation - if you ever travel the speed of light, think of the light zones of time you will be wiping out - you won't know where you are, without your ipod. Thinking of speed, I haven't been slowed down by any law enforcement - been passed by quite a few. I haven't been checked by any TSA folks either, but although I am totally dangerous in my mind - I am one of the Good Guys (The Road). If you want to be the Belle or Beau of the Ball, you must walk or Walz, the only pace of civilized society. Now you can understand why most of us aren't either and we get so much of nowhere so fast.

Discussion ended with my breakfast plans, everyone works but my brother agreed to get up early, lead me to an Egg place and then out of town to EXPRESS way NW or some such. I did find Thorton, CO - I think I can make it home, honest. The GPS is in the Caravan waiting my return.


Frank W. James said...

Been thinking of you and checking here regularly to monitor your condition. Ride safe my friend and God Bless...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Tam said...


I once launched myself into the great unknown to get to a family reunion.

I left Atlanta with $100 in my pocket, no road map, and a vague memory of how to get from the freeway exit in Kansas to my uncle's place in Shawnee, some thousand highway miles away.

Good times, good times...

How I envy you. :)

Tam said...

(I will add that the next time I do it, I'll pick something a little more plush than a 700 Interceptor...)