Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is it that you do?

I was found sleeping beside the Trusty Triumph this morning on a large rock by the truck parking lot at McDonalds, by Frank W. James, and he had breakfast and we talked and he showed me his West Farm, the East one and the lovely home he has with his wife. He carefully explained that he is a farmer - and it rings true, his passion for growing crops and taking care of his family all centers on that balance - he is a farmer. Now, I did walk around and find his personal range - right beside his home, with some interesting targets, and long range potentials (when the corn has been cut and harvested) out to six hundred meters. And he showed me some of his tools - from the various tractors, combine and other machines for a one man operation of the beans and the corn he does every year. Read his blog and listen, he has explained most of it before - he is a farmer.

I say read his blog, because he is a writer, too. Really, he gets paid for it, has written books, had the published and is writing more. One of his tools to help him farm is how he uses the writing to strengthen his yield, and the position of farmers that are working hard, to feed a world that no longer understands the process of getting food to the grocery store shelf.

Well, I was introduced to his favorite hog killer systems, awed by the low vision stuff, his tales of how he has used it, what works and what doesn't. This is a very interesting man, family, history and heritage - and more than nice enough that he and his wife, Cathy, have opened their home to me and their lives. There are real people out there writing their blogs, not everything on the internet is just an avatar imitation of reality. And as I have always held, there are many more really good people in the world than bad - so don't give up hope, we will find you - you are not alone.

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