Monday, August 16, 2010

The end of the world is near...

There are signs out there, and sure enough the end is near. Not to worry, because it could be so much better after the end, check your news programs for how bad it is now.

On a personal note it seems to be time to change the church of my attendance. The Pastor called me into his office and asked if I would join the church, and I said I would pray about it. He then told people that I was joining, and since I am not doing well enough where I was it might be time to attend church where my wife does. So in September I will be there. She says they have a new American minister, so I will see how welcome I am there. There isn't anything wrong with the church I currently go to, have attended there since 1994 when I retired. I guess I don't give enough of myself up.

On Sunday, one of my former library workers and patron from McNeil Island showed up, coming in with one of the men that works Kairos. It is good that he is out, hope his life works out better now.

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Yoda of Math said...

Talk about putting pressure on you. Why is it so important to him that you "join" a church? Reminds me of our new rector who went back to 3 Sunday morning services just to bring more people into the church. They both sound like they have a shopkeeper's mentality.