Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reality and dreams, Liberty and subject to rulers...

Lots of dreams last night, running roads while in the military on top of everything. Tony McNally has a poem he shares on Facebook, I have the book by Mark Urban, Fusiliers, and have little patience with politicians that want to save a buck and dump unit history and traditions to save a little money elsewhere. I like telling about the difference Redcoats because the British officiers bought their coats at tailors and from their own pocket, while the enlisted men had the government issue (lowest bidder sound familiar?). I use the Red Hats of our Appleseed instructors, which after two to four Appleseeds in the blazing Sun fade so well to a pinkish brown, and the strong red of the Instructor sweatshirts that don't seem to fade no matter how many times washed.

The glow of the Waterman, Illinois 300 is about over - it was some event. Since the Revolutionary War Veterans Association is such a tiny organization it was interesting to see them try to get to 300 shooters at one Appleseed on one weekend. The best part was getting together all those Red Hat instructors, orange hatted IITs, and the new Blue Hat support crew to make it happen and they all get to put real faces with the Forum Handles and avatars that may have little relationship to the real person. I have met some of the fine people that went and did a great job there, since I took that motorcycle adventure and made some Appleseed events across the country, I know that there are very fine folks everywhere, that like to shoot and want to spread the History of our Heritage that we might not remember today. They will be putting together videos and keep pushing the Appleseed across the country. On that same weekend that the Waterman 300 was going on, which had 200 shooters on Sunday and produced at least nine Riflemen (I am sure there should be more) there were twenty-two other Appleseeds in smaller venues across the nation. Ten of them have reported their participation and results; 218 shooters and 36 Riflemen made. At every Appleseed - the quality of the instruction is great, the telling the story of our Heritage is stirring and some life long friendships started or strengthened. Something to think about in the Rock Star age - how do you like music? blaring at football stadiums, in darker quiet lounges, in the peace of your home? Once the nation sang at home, and played instruments, as part of their entertainment - now they sit on the recliner and watch productions... hmm, where did we go wrong? Oh, you still play music at home and don't own a television, good for you!

The picture is from Old Glory, member of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, and shamelessly shared for those of you that don't click on links to go off on tangents you never woke up for this morning.

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