Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going into hibernation, coming out the new Earl

Caught sight of Bob Kerrey on television, seems there is still a part of the Democratic Party that one can agree with on things - just not the main stream. His Presidential bid was the final time I gave money to politics - don't call I am sure all you politicians don't know my name, have my interests at heart and don't need my help. (they aren't reading this)

Things that disturb me, the shock of drug abuse in white suburbia -- but it doesn't have to be drugs, everything plays when you haven't a belief in anything. Seems the whole culture is fed on lack of certainty of everything. If you have a strong faith in God or yourself or your friends - it will be attacked, held up to laughter and you will be shunned.

Looking at the interest in stopping terrorism and the sneaky things that come into our lives to go boom! Isn't this the same country that can't stop illegal drugs and aliens? Aren't they larger than a bread box - how is such a system going to stop the bombs? Is anyone asking that question? Should they be?

Two hundred thousand plus supporter of Restore Sanity and/or Fear braved the beautiful day in Washington, DC rallying to support their learned leaders. Laughter is good to have a bunch of, Sunshine helps, too.

Did you get your buck yet? Is it hunting season where you are? Only if you are looking for a job? Yeah, do get out there and find work - so much needs to get done, enough for everyone in the world.

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Old NFO said...

Earl, we know the interwebz aren't going to stop anything, but it may START a few things... I was planning on hunting this weekend, but it got rained out by work (dangit)...