Monday, October 25, 2010

Must be a rest day, since I feel like I haven't done...

enough, and yet I look around and see that I did more but am discounting it as unimportant. I think that trying to get politicians in Washington, or any other fair government headquarters town or city, to see the reality of the people. For they don't talk with the people - they talk to them, they have status and the people don't. So they become discounted. Just the earth beneath the feet of the chosen, as long as it is there they are supported, when wind or water sweep it away there might be danger, but that doesn't happen often enough for the leadership to pay attention.

How do I, a people of one, end up paying taxes to three or more governments? If I, and all the other people were smart we would limit the government to only one taxing body, so the death wouldn't be by a thousand cuts - just one massive hemorrhage from too big a lancet. The idea that the government should be on several levels to be more efficient isn't as true as they would tell you. I do know that local government could be more responsive than that bunch way far away. Could we just hold our representatives here at home and use email for voting and discussions?

Maybe the idea of different levels of government would work - if the Federal government only worked on NATIONAL issues with International effects. The State government worked only on STATE issues and Interstate effects. The County government only worked on COUNTY (or Parrish) issues and Intrastate effects. But the Federal government keeps working on individual issues - and the others seem to follow suit. I am still for one taxpayer and only one tax requester, but then I might be a dreamer.

I read Frank James today, about responsibility or lack of it in our culture - and thought about being the SHOOT BOSS, the person that has to be in charge of the two day event - the safety, the instruction, the support and the qualification. In the end I will thank all the shooters, their support teams, the crew that worked with me and my wife that puts up with my absence - but it was still my Shoot and all my fault, up until the time the shooter takes the shot - then it belongs to him or her. I don't take their shot, just see that they know enough to do their very best. I will take pride in each shooter that feels more empowered or that earn that Rifleman patch, in each one that feels the need to spread the word of Liberty.

We did get to see the family in Hawaii last night, and were in awe of the rapid changes in the grandson, and how well his parents are doing with him. It makes so much worth thanking God for - I am not worthy, I have never been that good, but thanks.

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