Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Marine Corps now about barriers...

Yeah, I know, but I am celebrating on Zulu time so I am golden.

About barriers, I was locked out of my home in the cold wet rainy Northwest, an effective barrier (if I didn't want to break in). But the thought is worth an entire long winded by Earl post - but I am going to bed after my glass of wine and finding out that I can't get to the Appleseedinfo.org site. Barriers, someone somewhere doesn't like me - or maybe I am just the bottom of another conspiracy theory. G'nite.

And don't forget to say your prayers for all that you love, all that you should love and those that you really, really have trouble loving in any meaningful manner (which is mostly your problem not theirs) - pray for them all, the long the short and the tall. Nothing would defeat a terrorist quicker than finding himself in Heaven with our God.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Earl, the hosting service for appleseedinfo.org had a maintenance window and the website and forum weren't available to anyone during that time. ;-)