Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mid-week, and where are you?

Well, it isn't Brussels. My wife is making kim chee in the kitchen and garage - it is a big autumn operation, not as big as it would be in Korea, even with the cabbage shortage they would still be making do. In the news, Korean, they are talking about the second strike from North Korea, the Republic of Korea's response and the Joint American and Korean naval operations in the Yellow Sea. And on the Today show? Well, they didn't have the explosions of the incoming artillery, the canned pictures of the might of the North Koreans and the Republic flying and shooting and training. You must have missed the re-broadcast of the North Korean news announcers telling their people about the defense of North Korea from the Americans and their running dogs the ROK. You didn't get the pictures of the chubby young son following his aging, sickly father around with the many be-metaled generals in attendance. I am sure when the man that owns wiki-leaks is properly punished that China (our great trade partner, or is that our great lending friend?) will tug upon the leash of that North Korean dog, so our other great trade partner might not get eaten up.... rabid pit bull against Jack Russell Terrier? Oh, can't we just get along? Let's all sing --- okay, America doesn't really have to worry about North Korea - Russian and China are greater threats, but really, do you ignore that biting snapping dog forever?

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Old NFO said...

No you don't... At some point this IS going to get ugly, and I just hope the administration has the balls to do the right thing and stand by our ROK allies!