Thursday, December 9, 2010

So how is it going? is it gone yet?

Last night I was frustrated, I was looking for some information that I knew had to be where I was looking, and it wasn't there. Time travel does exist, don't want to ever go back in time - because what I would be looking for isn't there. It is a different world, just going back forty years in one's own life (you youngsters would not understand) the disorientation would be total nuts. Yep, forty years ago in my own life I would be surrounded by tobacco smokers, in restaurants, bars, offices, ash trays everywhere... and that is only one thing. How about every hardware, department and gun shop had firearms easily obtained - cash and carry? No background check - it was the WILD WEST with gun fights at every corner. Or maybe not... The information I was looking for wasn't there, because it was Wednesday not Thursday (time travel has always existed) and when I realized I hadn't left yesterday but would have to wait for tomorrow I could go to bed and sleep.

The sleep was disturbed, by my normal military dreams, in the artillery and we had to store the mortar base plates for the infantry, because they didn't want to be bothered with making sure they didn't get fired during the darkness. If you had enough time in uniform you might understand OVERKILL and PPPPP, but then you might have those silly dreams, too.

I am struggling with reorganization of the stuff of years and yesterdays, too many videos, so many DVDs, and I will watch most of them again before I die - didn't see any that I haven't watched more than once. No commercial interruption is wonderful, although commercials are like all the hot babes in entertainment - I am so out of it that I am not running down to buy the latest medicines, auto insurance, electronic toys, or sweaty moments of almost mutual pleasures.... but then I don't buy what the media is pushing anyway. So settled in my ways, considering all the stuff I have to box up, move, store and throw away... I am glad I am not buying and saving it for the day I might need it.

The picture is of the me I never see, and it was way back, years ago that my son said I had a hole in my hair... it just gets bigger.

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Jeffro said...

The hole in my hair is not getting smaller, either. My dad would have said it wasn't restricted to my hair - it was in my head!