Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stepped out of the computer cave today...

Went shopping, wandering around with real people not those 'only met upon the net'. I have been trying to find a time I was more alone in the midst of so much going on. And couldn't, being a loner to me was just being quiet and watching. Not anti-social just not always feeling like I fit in. Wonder if that was because I was cautioned or chastised by adults for the errors of my manners, lack of grace or just plumb scared of beautiful girls. Luckily I see myself as a old man now, that has a certain freedom from having to be something I am not (a much younger man). I don't look at the rest of my life the same way I did when I thought I wouldn't make it to forty, ha, ha! Sure beat that number by a bunch. At this time I am not building up a climax to the story of my life -- not sure where it would have been, I think I know all the good parts, and once when younger I was sure of all my missed opportunities - years after I had missed all their signals. One gets so much smarter in cool thought than heated hormonal surges... Ah, well, time to get ready for a fine exit a satisfying conclusion to the best that I could have been and all that I am.

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Old NFO said...

And what we can and will be in the future Earl! We HAD to have learned something, right? :-)

WV- andso And so the next chapter begins!