Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When did going to a doctor visit start to be like...

taking the car in for service? They open it up, find sludge and suggest flushing the system, new synthetic fluids to extend the life of the engine, parts requests and further appointments. I was laughing (quietly to myself) at another blogger's comment about human beings now outliving their teeth, which in the scope of human life is a fairly recent event. Even the development of refining sugar for sweetener only balanced the longer life possible with improved agriculture, science and medicine, and larger civilizations with professional armies and law and order. As I left my doctor's office with four prescriptions, two immediate appointments and one six months down the road I began to feel like a well used car - still getting around, safe enough to drive, but needing a little more care and not going to the race track anytime soon. I was also getting that feeling that I wanted to delay any more service calls - so I wouldn't find out any news that I didn't want to hear. Yeah, I am serviceable but no longer hot, sexy and more horsepower than brainpower. Macco doesn't cover the body work and paint job I would need to be considered a good trade-in for one of those eco-friendly fellows over there. Just park me over in the corner in the sunshine.

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