Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hmm, any picture will do...

Shocked myself with my profile picture, young dashing fellow - such a fool. Anyway, I recieved today an ad, Life is Too Short to Clean House. I immediately decided that they were talking about the government, but then realized they thought I was a slob, had more money than gumption and would fling some their way to clean up after my wild lifestyle. Well, their mistake, I will keep my money and tell my wife I am sorry, and she will continue to clean up behind me so she isn't exposed as a lesser creature among her female friends and competitors. If it was about me she would tell me to clean it up myself -- and I would.

I have done well today, left the house and jogged for forty-seven minutes and ten seconds, found one penny. Laughed at the dogs that barked their greetings because I haven't been around and felt great that I didn't collapse of a heart attack or lack of lung function - getting old ain't for wimps! It was a beautiful clear cool day, and I wallowed in the wanderings of my mind and thoughts about many things - the motorcycles are out and that is something to think about. As soon as I move all the shooting stuff surrounding the Trusty Triumph.

I grabbed my pistol case, heavy with ammunition, and went out to shoot at Range 15 on Fort Lewis. Didn't miss the target at all, didn't do as well as the pistols will, but it was done safely, I did hit the paper in relation to a terrible terror with painful for the terror results. That is why shooting to center of mass makes up for my failures in perfect form. I did discover to my chagrin (if I knew how to spell it I would still have used it incorrectly) that one of my carry magazines had only one round in it, and I think I need at least two to discourage rampage - and no, I don't do double tap, and I don't dance well and I am no longer beautiful. I just want all the rounds to count. If I do get in a hurry for fear I will still likely hit my target quickly enough. Rather make ice cold shots, and that will take some more practice. I can be talked into that. Speak up, I don't hear as well as I once did.

I am playing with the Second Admendment (Article II of the Bill of Rights, properly) again. The Gunnies like the part about the government not being able to infringe on their Right to keep and bare arms. And I should always re-read it because it is to BEAR arms not bare arms. Okay ladies quit displaying so much flesh. And the anti-Constitutionalists want only the WELL REGULATED MILITIA to be remembered - and if you ain't in their well regulated, legislated and approved by the local POWERS that BE, well you can't carry and scare the little children. But the whole thing reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

So all those folks that have infringed upon my right as a person to keep and bear arms -- well they are against the Constitution and should be punished for their failings.

And all those Gunnies that think their right trumps the need for them to be part of the well regulated Militia - because they pay their taxes, it ain't no skin off my nose, and let the professionals do it - well, they aren't taking up their responsibility as a citizen - the members of the militia. They might not even be part of the local Volunteer Fire Department, Neighborhood Watch, nor Food Bank. They can take care of themselves - but they aren't part of a Free State, nor its security are they?

Yep, there is a failure to educate in America, the television is on way too much, and what they put out is advertising for most of your attention.

Maybe we should start with what is a FREE STATE, because this zoo we are caged in for our protection isn't one.

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Old NFO said...

Good point Earl- More trigger time=better results for ANY weapon.