Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My day of silence, and thoughts about the attack...

I saw the flags flying at half mast, saw that the President and his wife led the nation in a moment of silence in memory of those killed. I wasn't following, I was saying prayers for the dead and the wounded, I was avoiding commercial television coverage of who's and what's. But I am up before four in the morning, driven by my thoughts to get them down.

I know why the young man did what he did, he didn't believe in God and everlasting life. He had no confidence in the American political process, he had no concept of gun owners' Rights nor Responsibilities - he probably doesn't think he was responsible even now, and if he does I am sure there is a lawyer that will tell him that his defense is: whatever the experts will testify about him.

I don't think there is one law that needs to be enacted to protect anyone from this happening in the future, repealing many laws probably won't help either. Our American culture produced this killer, but the same culture produced the millions of Glock, or semi-automatic pistol or revolver shooters that don't shoot their neighbors - duh, that means it is working. There were people at that shooting that went towards the shooter, good answer, effectively not waiting for Federal, State or County protection. Not waiting for expert first responders and their fine equipment helped save some, that there were expert first responders also helped greatly. Thank them all.

I want continued prayers for the victims of the shooter, and the shooter, I want swift sure justice, and the laws broken applied, and I never want to hear the name of the shooter again until the Lord forgives him his sins. I don't want to recognize him. So I don't want to watch the media making advertising dollars over coverage of the National outrage - really. I was told it was a Special News Broadcast yesterday, but it wasn't free - I had to know that medications that may have severe side effects were paying for my time wasted on the television viewing. Would have gotten more value from reading the Bible or the library books on my latest quest for knowledge.

I also don't think attacking Austria for producing the fine firearm with its capabilities will help anymore than trying to repair Afghanistan after Alexander the Great couldn't Hellenize it. I am certain that God will do what is right in all of this, also certain that humans will fall short of His glory. Yes, even the President and the Congress will not be that much higher than the Mainstream Media in their picking over the carcass like scavengers. I am only certain about God, and very hopeful about the rest being better than will be reported. But then remember how many firearms owners are so much better than the shooter? MILLIONS, I should have more faith shouldn't I?