Sunday, March 13, 2011

QOTD "But I think I will make sure I have enough duct tape." Dr. J. E. Pournelle

The End of the WORLD. Biblical references abound, but if we can't get simple things like the Ten Commandments, or the Greatest Commandment, how can you be ready for it?

My wife's church is shaking, has been for awhile and will be for a bit more time. We go back this afternoon to hear the new pastor's vision, he will speak too long but I will think of change as I wait to see what his vision has.

Appleseed has had some great meetings of minds yesterday, more tomorrow, and may not go into meltdown, or may. Humans put lots of emotion into their passions - seems to be the way of our life.

In Japan they are working on recovery, they will do well. I looked up what Doctor Pournelle had to say about it, being a scientist and writer he has contacts outside the mainstream media. Remember, MSM, only wants viewers for selling commercial space on their networks, honest.

Later edit: The wife's church is going from Isaiah 60 v1-3, to Isaiah 61 v1-3. Okay, my wife's comment to me "Money, money, money all they talk about is money." I was listening to the translation in English, money didn't come through that loudly.

I am going to work on my own End of my world. I have to dig a grave (which when Mount Rainer blows won't matter a bit but I will have done better than building a retaining wall to hold it off, or drilled a hole for a LARGE PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE). I will have to update the will for my wife's ease of the estate (such little piles of money, large boxes of Earl's junk). And continue to give away the stuff I really have way too much of.


Old NFO said...

AND they have brought out all the Chicken Littles that are predicting a 9.0 in the US and O.M.G. we have to shut ALL reactors down right now... sigh... Dr. Pournelle is a MUCH better option.

threecollie said...

Thank you for your calm wisdom. I am always grateful for what you write.