Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well, how important is retirement?

My wife visited her doctor, got medicine, can't go to work since she is infectious. Therefore she stopped and had her retirement check calculated. It isn't as bad as the twenty-five dollars a month her husband has been kidding her about for years. I am sure in 1900 a monthly retirement check of twenty-five dollars would have really been great.

Fixed income only works if the value of money isn't being manipulated by people that don't love us, sigh. They did give her a long list of documents to bring to her formal retirement application process. As the continued meltdown of the State coffers continue I will have to invest more in ammunition, tools and seed. Really, if there is a turn around in the VALUE of the dollar I will be very surprised, Very! But I am not holding my breath nor betting any soon to be worth less US dollars on it.


K-Dubyah said...

I hope Mrs.Earl recovers quickly!

I'm of the same mind regarding the other. Bullets and beans. As well as those seeds and tools. Those that have 'em will be better prepared to weather the coming storm.

Take good care of your wife, Earl...

Old NFO said...

Hope she gets better quickly Earl, and I'm with you... It's NOT going to get better I'm afraid.