Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keep it Holy, six days are Saturday and the seventh...

shall ye rest. Keep it Holy.

The choir was bold and heavenly, the Rock band and great drummer got the Congregation up on their feet singing out Praises, the Bible thumping Pastor (and I know he wouldn't mind being labeled just that way, can I get an Amen? AMEN!) was locking on to James and the Word. Got to love the idea of Heaven and ten thousand years without commercial interruption, it will be great. Now just meet the qualifications so you too can be Justified. No, not the cable show.

Chicken for dinner, fifteen bean soup with broken up biscuits, salad with Paul Newman's Balsamic Dressing (which frugal Earl will pour the excess back into the bottle after the good stuff is gone - yeah, doesn't do that for thick greasy stuff). A very quiet day roaming the internet, finding things sharing some... reading more of the books laying around and listening to the Blues at the end of this day. A good one, a keeper. It is raining, which is the only reason I posted this today.

I have come to the certain knowledge that there isn't a lot on my cablenetworks for me to be watching. I mean I even pay extra so my wife can have her Korean television, rebroadcasting much from MSM, and then the Korean weather and news from the other side of the Pacific and Los Angeles. But even that gets turned off after a bit -- seems the weather channel and doppler radar rain and storm tracks are the little old folks companions - we don't have to watch it, it won't affect our lives, no one is screaming in jealous rage, political rants, threatening murder, rape or prison time for not co-operating with the police. No one is blaming the TEA Party on hail, tornadoes or just gloomy skies. One constant - blonde weather women... and I am just too old to appreciate how lovely they are telling me about the rising Red River, which isn't in Texas nor the Southwest, no matter the old Western song...

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