Monday, April 25, 2011

Remember when buying a car was exciting?

I do, and one Buick Apollo Hatchback and one Volvo and two minivans later - it is only a chore. We don't need another car, we need to change two into one that has great mileage and not so much STUFF. I dropped down to the Dodge dealer to see how the Government had helped them out. Still too costly, still too heavy, still very poor mileage and built for people that think sex appeal has something to do with the car. Well, I left without talking to anyone, if the military coming back from combat zones weren't rotating back to this area, none of those Jeeps and such would move.

Since I was thinking automobile I stopped to buy fuel - otherwise the auto isn't mobile at all. Fifteen gallons for over sixty dollars. My next question do you remember when pumping it yourself cost you only twenty-three cents a gallon and you got change for a five on a fill-up? So you don't think inflation is a problem? Why the change in oil prices? Only the sinking value of the dollar.

Of my bills for consumables last month, I get most from electricity, least from mobile telephone, then telephone/internet, then cable vision then gasoline, and I don't need to go anywhere, really. So I could keep the electricity, cut the cable, cut the telephones (you really don't need them, do you?). We still have a dollar or two left over without cutting everything, but it does make me wonder why I have things that waste my time, and eat up my prosperity's portion of my past.

Don't worry, the government under the President will tax all that excess profit right away from the oil giants (don't hold your breath). They haven't figured out how to pay for the foolishness they are in charge of -- TSA agent in Philadelphia, PA has been found sending pictures of children to strange ugly people on the internet, and how many others haven't been caught? Why is the government protecting us so well? I didn't ask them to, I was still upset the Saudi's got to fly out of American Airspace on President Bush's okay, but my son couldn't fly back to his Navy job in Hawaii. I have no pull with Presidents, but I pay at the pump don't I?


threecollie said...

I DO remember 23 cent gasoline, though few believe me when I say so. Guess that just makes me old.

Old NFO said...

And if the tax the companies, they will simply pass along that cost to us... sigh...