Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, Blogger ate my last blog... isn't anything real?

Thank you for visiting my blog, but when Blogger went blouie (No, Spellcheck and I don't know how to spell it- blewy, blouis?) I like others that know we exist only on the internet - at least for our fun - went to other SOCIAL media (facebook in my case). It has been suggested that this is just the first shot across the bow from Microsoft versus Google, I mean Bing? if you wanted to buy something but otherwise?

Got to go, my mind is as blank as my last blog eaten by Blogger. I can give you the picture again.

Oh, I changed it, the top portion is when I had come back from nineteen months in Korea, about 1969, on my way to Fort Sill. In 1982 I (and my wife and son) returned from four years in Germany, and although there is a picture of all the spouses and children with my father and mother, this was a second picture of just the same folks from the first. About thirteen years different. Yeah, and except for my profession in defense of the nation against godless communists of all varieties, I couldn't tell you what the important political processes were at that time, either of them. What was important was always my family and our future.

Just like yesterday's blog, it is all so gone away, only the memories warm my spirit now.


Old NFO said...

Nice pics Earl, we did something similar a few years ago at a reunion and duplicated a picture that was taken 30 years earlier. There were a 'few' differences... :-)

Merlyn said...

Earl, I might have been the missing blogger. I thought I left a comment about your family photo. That is I said I found one in our album that was taken at grandma's earlier than what you posted. Maybe it shows a much younger Earl than you would want to share?