Thursday, June 30, 2011

It is possible that fertilizer works, my grass is greener...

As in the world news, Kate and William are coming to America, (Ottawa, Canada really) and Will is going to play in a charity polo match in LA (the current capital of celebrity charities). You know, polo, the best thing to come out of Persia since opium. I drift off to watching the neighbor's cat perched upon the fence, sitting and watching. After about ten minutes of intense piercing into the future of birds and mice in the yard I have to admit I am glad that cats don't do auctions and build financial fortunes on stock trading - they have focus that mankind's mindless masses don't.

Disturbing news, normalization of marijuana somewhere and homosexual unions to marriage level in New York, that fine trend setting state of madness back East. It shouldn't bother me, I won't use marijuana or strange artificial sexual practices and my marriage is only as strong as my wife and I make it with God's Grace and blessings. I think of both the marijuana and the homosexual marriages as more evidence that government fails at the what is best for a good life test. In the smoking grass, the potential tax revenue seems to be driving their train. Like I have always said, I stopped smoking and drinking to decrease my tax payments. Not true, but then I am a real adult that knows what is good health, good reasons and what God blesses best. Not normally on a politician's "to do" list.

My dreams were of traveling across the Midwest with my mother driving, all the kids in the car (I got to read the map and be shotgun), stopping a gas stations where someone came out to fill'r up and check oil, radiator and air pressure in the tires and give you the change from the five... haven't dreamed that far back for a long, long time. There were families along the way to visit, in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa -- until we finally reached Minnesota, then more families to visit. One home, two families, one bathroom, eight to ten children, a couple dogs and maybe a cat. Actually, Uncle Ernie's farm in Iowa still had outdoor outhouse, chamber pots under the beds, a great button and match book collection, a corn crib, windmill water pump and stuff -- a real farm! Stopping at motels only if there weren't any family around, back then.

Okay, time to get back to retirement, sigh. I have picked up "Younger Next Year*" by Crowley and Lodge again. Mainly for the motivation to work harder on my health, I had concentrated on the physical fitness portion the first few times I have read and recommended it, but this time I notice that Crowley's thoughts about retirement and having a real partner to go into the last of the golden years reaches me better... hmm, I wonder why, NOT!


threecollie said...

Despite the vote, which was the ONLY thing covered on local news in the weeks leading up to it, I was somewhat comforted by our local state senator (who voted against the GM bill). From an area paper, ""Everywhere that this has been voted on by the people, it's gone down," noted Farley, who says he supports traditional marriage."

Of course, the will of the people doesn't mean anything at all any more.

Old NFO said...

3collie beat me to it. The PEOPLE are voting it down... Enjoy retirement Earl, you have earned it!