Sunday, June 12, 2011

Packin' out, moving on...

Sunday, went to church and then on to walk with wife along Ruston Way, nice day for a long walk along the Sound. Stopped and had burgers at the RAM outside and watched the water. Came home to unpacked computer, mortorcycle and back pack.

I know I will pack more than I need, I do have reservations for Motel on Friday and Saturday, stopping at friends, relatives and rest stops on the way to Illinois, will be just stopping at rest stops on the way back Sunday through Wednesday.

Had a visit from my son and grandson, my wife is still trying to hug through the monitor, it doesn't work. She needs to get on an airplane and fly there, but she has fears and so will just keep working until her vacation later.

Don't expect much posting, I am taking my computer just in case I really need to get it out and on. Which could be Friday or Tuesday. We will see. I think seeing and talking to people is so much better in face to face personal.... don't like that everyone sitting at a terminal typing away on facebook and such.

Y'all be good as you can for all the best reasons - you only get one chance to make a great first impression! Lord love you, always.