Monday, June 20, 2011

What I do know... is never enough...

The trip by Trusty Triumph to Rochester, Minnesota, never gets shorter, going on to Huntley, Illinois was breath taking in losing power on the center lane, large honking truck behind me (close behind) and no way to see the on coming right lane speeders, one eighteen wheeler almost got me, but I did make it to the shoulder. And started the motorcycle up and got back to finding the Barbeque at my cousin's home. Which I did find almost on time.

One of my biggest joys was seeing all those children as parents and all their children, and talking to those no longer children as adults and finding they have many of my concerns, from a different angle. They all are doing very well -- which is why they come to the Reunion, ever see people having problems or cloudy skies risk a voyage? I did propose a virtual Reunion, on YouTube or facebook, since we could only bring my aunt's good wishes, by video, to all that were attending, and it was great stopping by to visit with her. It was also a wonderful stopping to see my niece - we have had a few meetings at the SeaTac Airport as she left for Korea and then later on her way to England, missed her last year as she was in Qatar. Works in Air Force munitions.

Reunions, lots of Hello and what is happening, lots of good-byes until we meet again. There were old films of long ago family gatherings, from the 1950s through 70s and later. Worth all the adventure of the trip, worth all the expense of the preparation and the memories will be priceless after more and more of us go on... because much of the conversation is about before and the history, the children are in the now, the parents in their nearer future, and the elders are dwelling in the past where they are very comfortable and remember being loved. You get another chance, go to the next one and make a memory for yourself and the audience that seems to be on your side.

Motorcycling collects bugs, by the bunch. I clean the shield off at most fuel stops, but after this morning's staggering, to me and the Trusty Triumph, I have not one bug on the bike anywhere, a complete wash out and off. When I was stopping in the evening in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois the little biters came out to make me so much lighter, and it gave me joy to notice that after smashing a few hundred on the road their cannibalistic brethren came out to play in the blasted bug blood and feast upon the recently departed. I have also noticed an evolutionary change in the sparrows passions at rest stops, they are gleaning the grills of dead fly bys, the auto grills and bumpers. What will become of them if they lose the automobiles from the road - will they starve?

In the morning I start again, only nineteen hours away from home, needless to say, more adventures and challenges on the trip and the need for sleep mean I will be home on Wednesday. Y'all be good and contact one of those you haven't touched recently and see how they are. When they ask me if I am riding alone, I forget that God is with me, but I confess to not doing groups well. One way of looking at dying alone, or never ever being alone - just beyond the humans left behind. Been singing as I ride, Don't tug on Superman's Cape, and It is well with my soul... until I can add some pictures.

Look at that, get away from Explorer and go Firefox and the picture is posted. There is a message about choices there, or I should know more about what I have problems with?


Old NFO said...

Looks like a good turn out Earl, and glad there were no 'major' issues with the Thumper! Travel safe Sir!

threecollie said...

Wow, glad you made it through the highway excitement all right. Lovely family.

ronandjoan said...

Earl, is there another chapter to your trip, ?,your Triumph is not at home?

Hope you and KC can come up Saturday for supper. Pls email when you can.....hope you feel okay now.
Ron and Joan