Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where is my interest in the computer?

The internet awaits, but I think I have been driven off, got things to do, and finishing my cup of coffee and starting a morning jog before rains return seem like my goal this morning. Started reading Ezra, don't read that very much. There were once Great Persians.

My sister is again working on my mother's estate and warns me and my brother to expect paperwork to sign get notarized and return to the Courthouse. Thank you, Joycelyn.

I am preparing to be a better motorcyclist. I have my basic exercises for the trip, know in general exactly where to stop (where the wheels don't slide out from underneath one). Now, like on the trip, I need to start doing them during commercial interruptions. It isn't good to have all that fluid pooling in the feet and swelling as I sit and ride, only the throttle and the wrist working.

On the economic recovery, Earl's plan is simple, use those gift cards immediately upon receiving (within a week) because that pool of un-used money is exactly like those piles of cash the big corporations and banks aren't circulating. And do roll those coins up, or put that pickle jar of money through the Coin Star machine and spend! Enjoy, for all that stuff you have piled up for years may get torn away in a passing tornado or hurricane, brush fire, earthquake or tsunami. I have been watching too much television. Can't you tell, no mind no more.

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