Friday, July 8, 2011

Things you just know...

My wife returned from touring Seattle and sharing that with her friend, and knew that I must be out jogging when her friend wanted to say good-bye to me. When I returned from my jog I knew my wife had returned and was home although I didn't see her. Sixth sense?

I know that those fools in Washington, all of them well meaning are going to compromise and raise the debt ceiling, they will not cut all the spending they need to, they will not change the tax code to a simple postcard return with NO LOOP HOLES to slide their buddies through. I know this because they have been leaving evidence everywhere, in every sentence they speak. President Obama is running a completely transparent administration - he is not a Leader (everyone can see that), his Justice Department will break the law and encourage illegal gun sales to MEXICO, he will be caught in many fabrications and has only threats to get what he wants done. That is completely transparent - everyone can see a Chicago gangster or politician (is there a difference?) when they watch the President in action.

Oh, about how we knew. No one uses the front door on our suburban home - except the jogger going out and he will leave the top bolt lock unlocked when he goes. My wife will not leave any lock unlocked between her and the fearsome outside. So, when she had to unlock only one lock, she knew I was jogging, when I had to unlock two locks I knew she had returned.

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threecollie said...

That is exactly how we know if my parents are home when we visit.
And you sure have the guy in the Oval Office pegged.
WV is gritch