Monday, August 29, 2011

It is not the tool that is a problem... just the operator...

Army is proudly announcing they are looking for the M9 pistol replacement. I carried the 1911 and the M9, and have fired both, and I pick the 1911 for my personal sidearm most of the time.

What I do know - is that the US Army will issue the pistol with one magazine, expect the unit to buy three to five magazines as parts so they have spares. I also know that since half the shots on target are considered combat effective (only fifty per centers) that the amount of ammunition, training and practice will be so small, and save lots of dollars (no life saving is ever as precise as the dollar count is).

So I expect that the new SUPER POWER pistol will be what ever they decide to buy. And no matter what the faults, and there will be some, the COMMANd will say there isn't a problem, or that testing hasn't shown that is an issue. Isn't it great that they have such a perfect rifle that changing combat zones means bringing M14s out of storage? Must be a committee in charge.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, EXACTLY what happened with the 92... Remember the cracking slide issues???