Thursday, August 18, 2011

So how is your economy? really?

I was doing a bit of nothing good yesterday and decided to check the part time employment offers. And one jumped out at me and I wanted it. So I took a shower, dressed and packed some heat and went to the local Work Source shoppe. Now I don't know that it is a State government agency, but it could be. I was just told by the ad that I had to go there or apply online for certification that I met the requirements. I seem to have satisfied the lady I saw, she covered the other applicants' information on her computer screen so I wouldn't know who they were. Still she handed me the information that in the end, I still had to apply online and then send an email to someone reporting that I had applied.

Now my neat little computer cave looks like something tore through it, I had to do some digging to get to my job application materials (mainly the information of what have you been doing the last many years). Something to look forward to organizing later. My son sent a bunch of books for my collection of military adventures and such, won't have to go to the library for a bit. That will be part of the reorganization.

My wife handed me her homework assignment - actually she has to describe a play activity for her charges, what it is designed to do, how it is implemented and achieved. Unlike elected officials she has to have a paper product to turn in on time, under budget. She uses the able assistance of her husband to get typed pages, but the whole thing is laid out already with pictures of the children engaging in the activity of Fill and Dump (No, girls can play with dump trucks, too, Little Johnny).

Should I go jog first or do the typing? Ah, should I stand here considering what I should do - there is a reason procrastination is my highest skill or would be if I got around to practicing it more. I left the water on the grass all night last night, forgot to go out and turn it off. Water is cheap here, cheaper than green spray paint anyway. I was a bit disturbed by a political reporter and some folks with answers to her questions. About three of them were very happy they didn't have or weren't going to have children because of how much debt the government was passing on. Just don't pay it, folks.

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