Friday, August 12, 2011

So much to be thankful for...

My niece is doing fine on her mission trip to Togo, it is Friday, and my motorcycle - the Trusty Triumph is back home. I have been riding around trying to remember how to do that and smiling, smiling and smiling. The biggest smiles come on the deepest leans and roll on outs. The day is made for riding, but you know that, you were out weren't you? I was flashing and flinging the two finger down at all of you.

I washed it once, but it will take a deep cleaning, and I have to repack the Caravan to get space in the garage for the bike, it is too close to my wife's parking now. Every once in a while I get the message that her life would be perfect if my foot print in the home were much smaller. But I am such a big guy, she will miss me when I am gone.