Friday, September 30, 2011

A better start this morning...

I will eat breakfast soon as I get this typed.

Being old, I only have opinion, but I was listening to Bill Whittle on the laptop and had to mute the television so I could hear Bill. Once I listened to it all -- now I like soloists instead of orchestras.

I haven't turned the sound on the television, I don't forgive machines, computers and sales folks as quickly as I should, perhaps.

Prayer has been started, and as I glanced at the television I noticed a celebrity (maybe a singer too young for me to be entertained by) and his girl friend. She is very good to look upon, although I would guess the natural bloom of her youth has been enhanced by professionals. My thought since they were switching beautiful women on the screen and I had no sound on, was the only difference between the women seemed to be if they had a personality or a mind and I wouldn't know until they spoke. They did all seem to look exactly alike.

This is almost as good as sitting in the terminal making up stories about the people I see walking around - you can do that at a Mall, too, but I don't shop enough to stop there. This muting button may never get touched again until the President speaks.

Have a great day, it is Friday, and I hope you find a child to bring a little world of wonder to - it will make both your days. Zoos, walk in the park, rake the leaves, clean the mud off of you boots together. Get them now, old is often a lonely wait until the sound goes back on, or someone visits.

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Old NFO said...

I'm going on vacation to spend time with friends and family! Take care and remember, us old farts ARE good for something (like teaching the young)! :-)