Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nothing important...

My brother sent me a video to watch, and the comment that those people vote. Yep, they do, and I was sure it was a Kennedy that bought his victory in West Virginia for two dollars a vote, cash. They had a price.

What I found interesting was looking at the Mall crowd at a Sarah Palin book signing, and trying to figure out which people were carrying a firearm. They were from the Right side, and according to the editor of the video didn't have a clue about politics. So they must have had firearms.

I should do some more of that viewing especially in crowd scenes. I will be going to church soon, and maybe a movie later, as I look over the crowd can I find all the people carrying? One out of seven qualified adults have concealed carry permits in Washington state - one out of seven. Should be able to find one a day, shouldn't I?


Old NFO said...

At least Earl, I 'know' you watch people, and that's a fun thing to do sitting at the mall (used to do it waiting on the kids to get done shopping)... :-)

Long-time RN said...

Went to a symposium Friday featuring an attorney attempting to explain Wisconsin's new venture into concealed carry. Many businesses will not allow firearms. OSHA is getting involved stating business must have policies in place for firearn disasters. No clear statement outlining exactly what the liceinsing requirements are for concealed carry has been released. Residents have been flocking to 'classes' for licensing without the requirements being finalized. So far, things are not going smoothly here.