Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some Sunday morning when I am...

Rode the Trusty Triumph to Church today, combined service, which means the Koreans are sure they are going to conquer America and convert the heathen (No, not really). If they don't have an American English speaking minister next week I will start visiting other churches until my wife returns. It did make me think that the tongues of flame and the speaking in tongues would have been better as listening in tongues, so everyone would understand the Gospel. I do have to admit the Korean Service has a real pounding drummer, must be a semi-pro in an earlier life.

Just a great day for riding the motorcycle, and it worked well. Later I put it away and grabbed the Caravan and went to Range 15 to shoot my concealed carry pistols. So the judgement is in, if you want to be shot by me, call me up and ask for the .45 APC pistol. I think the single action and the better fit of my hand helps me shoot it better, the 9mm is short and double action and I might hit you easy and it is only a 9mm, not a water buffalo hunting firearm at all.

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Old NFO said...

Looks like minute of torso to me Earl! :-)