Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seriously, serving and those running for office...

I invite you to comment, write or call me and we can get together and shoot some firearms at a local range. If it is your range, in Western Washington, I will meet you, if it is to be mine - since the government doesn't build many for citizens, it will be Saturday on Range 16 at Joint Base Lewis McChord or Castle Rock at Wades for an Appleseed weekend of Marksmanship and Heritage.

Now why don't I believe I will have lots of takers?

1 Not enough people read my blog.

2 Politicians don't do in public things they fear will affect frightened voters.

3 Politicians and their handlers are closer to the Left side of foolish than most of America.

Such a negative post, sigh, there will be a decided lack of response. I had best get to real letter writing to get a real answer for my request to shoot together. I could tell the NRA, and other pro-gun organizations to increase the invitation level to learn how to shoot, to shoot safely and to enjoy being with people of the Gun not just voting blocks and campaign contributors.

Hey, RWVA, have there been any serving political representatives that have held up a cleaned Red Coat?

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