Thursday, October 27, 2011

What if real life were like television?

I am crushing walnuts and almond slices for my breakfast gruel, health food, boring but healthy. I stopped buying Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, and moved to Ralston - just cheaper and my body will never know what the mind can. As I crush the nuts I am waiting for my energy on the game I am playing to come back up, and I am watching a subtitled Korean drama (soap opera). I tell my wife that she is lucky I didn't see Korean Soap Operas before we got married, but then I had seen American Soap Operas and Peyton Place so maybe I knew how badly American life could become. Sure enough, it did. Never watched Desperate Housewives, the title turned me off and I would never understand the humor, kind of dark bitterness when compared to the people I have met in the world. And since real writing isn't filling of all the space on television/cablevision/satellite well, there is the Reality (none reality really) television, sigh.

Also there is the effect of news and politics bought and paid for by smokey mysterious people in the background. No one ever holds up their target in politics like the Riflemen do at Appleseeds, or the competitors in other sports not needing steriods for performance. Yes, the wrestling in the WWE is fake, a performance and we know it - foolishly we hope the performance during elections have meaning in Washington, DC, and it never sinks in that it could be fake, too.

Media has always played a part in how we view ourselves and the world, from bards of King Arthur's court, to Dickens writing serials in the newspapers about the ways of life in England, and Kipling the larger Empire. I win my battle only losing an infantry unit and a Red Tiger tank. The crushed nuts are in a plastic jar for dipping toppings from in the future. The soap opera is done for the day and it is time to go for a walk, a heart walk. My sister invited me to Florida where I could walk on sidewalks instead of the side of the road - I am just happy to be able to walk. Have a nice day, and I hope you get to play for sixty minutes.

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Old NFO said...

Earl, we do what we can, and WE have to deal with the reality outside our homes (and it's NOT on TV either).