Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I don't really write anymore... hmm...

Reading books, raking leaves, playing games on facebook. No excuse.

The games on facebook are money makers, but they aren't really good games. The idea is that the player has no patience, and will pay real dollars for play tokens (what they are called depends on the game) to get advanced quickly. I am on day 177 on Empire & Allies, and get my daily reward for showing up. I am not very interested in their level of combat reality, so I ignore them and just stockpile and gain experience points for little stuff, it all adds up. They do try to encourage me to ask my friends to join me, give stuff to my allies, and do their lame little contests. Me. I just want to build an nice Empire, and get disturbed when my allies come by and cut my trees down in my parks and such, sigh.

Some of the things one can buy for their game cost some of those tokens you had to get for advancing a level (one token) or buying a bunch. So if you are a shopaholic they want you. I just ignore most of them until they go away. I stopped playing FarmVille, only CastleVille and Empire & Allies now. When I have developed and own all five islands on Empire & Allies I will go into retirement on that game too - another six or seven years if I live that long.

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