Monday, November 7, 2011

So do any of the political candidates shoot? Who cares?

A fine Sunday afternoon and my wife is on the kitchen crew at her church washing dishes. I told her that I was once paid eighty-five cents an hour for that job. She is wearing a black plastic garbage bag, like the real runners do on damp days until they heat up and they discard it. I didn't stay to eat, they are celebrating thirty-six years of the Church in Tacoma area and had a large (very fattening!) Thanksgiving type dinner. I was certain that they just didn't know when Thanksgiving was, but they were always celebrating the foundation of this church.

So I dashed home, changed out of the suit and tie, put my shooting gear in the Caravan (how do you get so much?) and drove off to Range 15 on base. Paid my $5.50 range fee, Civilian guests cost seven dollars. While getting my target I noted the price of the ammunition, for 45APC almost twenty dollars for box of fifty, 30-06 is almost a dollar a round. Buy in Bulk! Reload!(still on my procrastination plate).

Started on the twenty-five yard line, fired eight, adjusted sights. Moved the target to the fifty, repeat. Then it was out to 100 yards with the man beside me that was zeroing his aiming point sight on his SOCOM M1A. We laughed a little at the black clad Mall Ninjas on the pistol side of the range, one was running out in front of his buddy still clearing his rifle to get his target. The Range Safety got his attention before he went two steps. LOUD SPEAKERS and tone of voice. We were not just shooting lots of rounds, but placing them, adjusting sights and not in a real hurry.

A Zombie shooter was off to my right a couple of positions, I looked at his target to see how his AR was doing, forgetting completely that his holes were smaller than mine. When I remembered, found them on the face and wrist. But then he was using a scope. He had to cover the target up, seems someone (always the Commander) doesn't want human target on the range (the targets on the pistol range are human size but the target is a circled bull with rings). Remembering this is a military base, most of the shooters on the line are veterans from one war or another, or train for that.

Great afternoon, I only fired thirty-two rounds and talked to three younger men, still serving, got to show my father's WWII bayonet and talk about the firearms and the shooting fun, that my brother seems to never understand. I haven't forgotten how to shoot, but wondered about why I had four distinct groups of two rounds on the same session, will have to look at the video and work on my dry fire more - then next week - shoot again! Yea!

I missed a call with my son in San Diego, was uploading the video, will catch them soon.

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